Hello and welcome!  I'm Annie.  I support curious, high achieving adults in further aligning their work and lives outside of work with what is most important to them.  I have the great privilege of helping clients build lives that make them proud.    

This process has the potential to be an absolute game changer.  My clients have landed their dream jobs, improved key relationships, increased their self confidence, and started living in a way that brings them deep satisfaction.  Many have reported that investing in our work together is one of the best investments they've ever made in themselves.  If we're a fit to work together, I promise to work alongside you offering tools and support as you uncover your own answers.  

Clients have told me that I'm “like a cold compress bringing ease and relief” and that I have “one foot inside and one foot outside the box." If you need this, please be in touch!  You could be living here in the Bay Area, in a different state, or in a different country as long as we speak the same language; this work is done via phone.  I look so forward to speaking with you!