Non-Profit Director

"I have been working with Annie for the past several months during a time of significant professional and personal transition.  Annie has been a remarkably insightful support, an attentive listener and a keen thought partner.  [...] I very much appreciate her ability to distill and reflect back my own core values so that I can make decisions and lead from a more clear and centered place."  


Fulfillment Coach & Communications Professional

"Annie has an uncanny ability to weed out the grains of truth in you. Her gift of being a careful listener with sharp intuition allows her to notice patterns and cut through inconsistencies in a remarkably transformative way. I treasure her ability to be heartfelt and powerfully aware of what makes someone's voice sing uniquely to one beat and not the other."


Educator/Business Owner

"Annie is a superstar!  She can see the wood from the trees and really helped me find clarity and direction when I needed it most.  Being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Annie was also extremely accommodating with the time difference.  I cannot recommend her enough."


Personal Trainer

"Working with Annie has been one of the most rewarding experiences, and best investments I have made in myself. Equal parts coaching, therapy and collaboration, Annie has helped me explore my inner most thoughts and unearth a newfound confidence in myself. [...] She truly has a talent and I find myself on an inspired high hours after we hang up."


Business Coach

"My wife and I attended one of Annie's workshops. It was a really positive experience. Having immersed myself in various elements of personal development over the years, I can tell you Annie is operating from a genuine place, one of integrity. Her approach provides a good balance of both guidance and spaciousness for self discovery."

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About my clients

I aim to partner with people who have the following traits:

  • Open-minded and “game” to work outside the box
  • Committed to lifelong learning and personal development
  • Excitable and playful!
  • Self -reflective
  • Committed to a greater good