Finding Peace In Turbulent Times

I’ve never been one to watch the news much.  Sure, I’ll read it, but watching the news itself is always such a downer that I decide not to put myself through it.  Lately, though, difficult-to-stomach news seems to be everywhere we look.  In a world where it’s hard to turn off all the information coming our way, I offer you 6 tips for finding peace in turbulent times.  (Full disclosure: I'm writing these for myself too.)

1.  Meditate: I cannot say enough about this one.  Do some deep breathing and intentional relaxation before you go to bed.  It will begin to melt the stress right off of you- at least temporarily- to allow for some refreshing shut eye.  If you want more guidance than that, try any number of guided meditations on the Insight Timer- or another- meditation app.   Ahhhhh!  Heaven.

2.  Social media detox: Facebook these days is intense with a capital I.  Makes sense!  That said, if you’re already feeling angry, defensive, stressed, scared (you fill in the blank)… reading your feed likely will only add to that negativity.  Give yourself a much needed break!

3.  Do your part!  Rather than let yourself be paralyzed by all you could do, do something small and notice how good it feels!  Sign a petition, call your representative, join an action-oriented group, and/or donate!  Each little thing truly adds up to make a difference.

4.  Seek perspective: Read about history (just make sure the source is a valid one) and pick the brains of your elders.  This will be a short blip in the timeline of the world.  This, too, shall pass.

5.  Laugh: Search long and hard for something that will make you laugh.  Maybe it’s an old episode of the Office.  Perhaps it’s listening to a comedy podcast.  Whatever it is, give yourself this age old medicine.  You deserve it. 

 6.  Sympathize: There’s a lot of talk about “unfriending” people because they voted for the other candidate.  What, exactly, will this and fingerpointing solve?  As I see it, these actions will separate this divided country even further.  It’s possible that you won’t be able to discuss politics with a 10 foot poll, which may feel strange. My two cents?  It’s worth it to preserve the relationships that have always meant a lot to you.

Sending love and peace your way!

Annie Nogg