Annie has an uncanny ability to weed out the grains of truth in you. I treasure her ability to be heartfelt and powerfully aware of what makes someone’s voice sing uniquely to one beat and not the other.
— Jenna, Fulfillment Coach

Annie is a superstar! She can see the wood from the trees and really helped me find clarity and direction when I needed it most. Being on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Annie was also extremely accommodating with the time difference. I cannot recommend her enough.
— Dylan, Educator/Business Owner

My wife and I attended one of Annie’s workshops. It was a really positive experience. Having immersed myself in various elements of personal development over the years, I can tell you Annie is operating from a genuine place, one of integrity. Her approach provides a good balance of both guidance and spaciousness for self discovery.
— Anthem, Business Coach

With her wisdom and support, I achieved more in one year in career, health and self growth areas than I had in the previous 5 years. Working with Annie is one of the best decisions I’ve made!
— Allison, Account Manager and Entrepreneur

Annie helped me better define my values to create a framework from which to make better decisions and define my goals. Now I have a clearer path on how to move forward not just in business but also in life!
— Barbara, Owner, Mont + Merk

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I’ve had the honor of receiving and witnessing Annie’s life coaching skills and the extraordinary level of professionalism and care she puts into supporting her clients. I recommend Annie as a coach to anyone who wants to make lasting positive change in their lives.
— Sevan, Software Developer and Reiki Master

Working with Annie has been one of the most rewarding experiences, and best investments I have made in myself. Equal parts coaching, therapy and collaboration, Annie has helped me explore my inner most thoughts and unearth a newfound confidence in myself. [...] She truly has a talent and I find myself on an inspired high hours after we hang up.
— Kate, Fitness Influencer and Blogger

Annie has a wonderful way of acknowledging reality while nudging you to aspire for outcomes that would normally seem out of reach. This has helped me build the habit of envisioning the bigger picture even when bogged down in minutiae.
— Gitanjali, Program Manager

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