About You

What makes a coaching relationship successful? In my experience, the client/coach fit to work together is at least 80% of the equation.  When that synergy and mutual understanding are in place, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!  Below is a short quiz to help you get a preliminary sense of our fit to work together. Simply jot down a "yes" or "no" answer to each question.

Do you...

  • Crave more meaning in your work?

  • Have a ton of ideas spinning and want to find which direction to go next?

  • Desire more clarity and confidence?

  • Want to make significant changes in your life (work, relationships, life outside of work)?

  • Seek support and to be held accountable (from someone who’s not your mom, best friend or partner)?

  • Feel 100% ready to do the work to truly take care of yourself? (You and I both know you’re worth it!)

Are you...

  • Open-minded and “game” to work outside the box?

  • Committed to lifelong learning and personal development?

  • Excitable and playful?

  • Self-reflective?

  • Committed to making positive change- for yourself and the world in general?

If you answered "yes" to 9 or more of these questions, there's a strong likelihood that we'll work well together.  If you're ready, set up a complimentary session here so we can connect to explore working together!