Love Letter To Yourself

I recently co-led a workshop called "Court Yo'Self: Self Care Practices for Badass Women." First of all, how awesome is it that 12 women thought enough of themselves to say "Yes, I am a badass woman" by signing up?!  Since my co-leader and I see self-care and self-love as very intertwined, we led this group of badass women through an exercise where they wrote love letters to themselves.  Imagine that!  It's not so often we get to recognize and celebrate our own fabulousness.  

Since it sounded so challenging, I decided to give it a go before asking other people to do it.  Oh man, challenging it was!  Before writing the first sentence I really had to pump myself up my telling myself things like "you're lovable" and "of course there's enough to love about you to fill a letter."  

I challenge you to take 10-15 minutes to write yourself a love letter.  Step outside of yourself and view yourself from the outside.  Imagine you have a big old crush on yourself (I'm talking big red hearts in your eyes) and write away!  

In the spirit of vulnerability, I'm sharing the one I wrote below.  It was a gift to read after I wrote it.  I'm curious how you find the process.  Please let me know!


Dear Annie,

I am so happy to call you a dear friend- and let's be honest- a life mate.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Your warmth: You make me feel so welcome and wanted.  When I've had a tough day it's comforting to come home to you.  I feel embraced by you.
  • Your sensitivity: Even though you consider your deep sensitivity a blessing and a curse, I see it as a blessing.  You care about people and their feelings deep down to your core.  Your frequent tears are just one sign of that.  It's alright to cry, Annie.  In fact, I see your vulnerability as a real strength of yours.
  • Your sense of adventure: Time and time again, you have picked yourself up and dropped yourself into a city where you knew no one.  Each time you have learned so much and each time you have not only become more confident- you've become more "you."
  • Your sense of humor: You are so silly sometimes and it makes me laugh.  Life is much more fun when we don't take ourselves so seriously.
  • The way you prioritize your family and friends: You are so good about making time for those you love whether they share a city with you or live across the country.  Keep up the way you reach out to folks to let them know they're on your mind.  Even though you doubt it often, know that you are a fantastic mom.  You are incredibly loving and creative with your girls.

Annie, I know sometimes you worry that you are selfish or have changed too much.  I see your "selfishness" as caring for yourself so you can bring your best self to work and to your relationships.  Also, yes you've changed.  You've evolved.  That is not a bad thing.  I hope you continue to prioritize growing your mind and soul.

Love and admiration, 


Annie Nogg